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About Us

Fort Worth Bike Sharing is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in charge of operations for the city’s bike share system. Bike sharing is a new mode of transportation based on shared use of public bicycles and it has been successfully implemented in San Antonio, Denver and Washington D.C., among other cities.

The concept began in the planning department at the Fort Worth Transportation Authority, which received a grant from the Federal Transit Administration to help cover capital costs. Fort Worth Bike Sharing launched the system on April 22, 2013 with 300 specially-designed Trek bikes available for check-out from 27 bike share stations set up across Downtown, the Cultural District, Near Southside and on TCU’s campus. The system now features 35 stations, with plans to add another 10 in 2014.

Mission: To enhance our community by providing an affordable, efficient, environmentally-friendly bike share program that complements our existing public transportation system and provides both residents and visitors a healthy, convenient way to move around our city.

“Fort Worth’s central city has become a fun and exciting place to live and work, and bike sharing is going to be the next key ingredient. Residents, workers, and visitors will be able to easily hop on a bike to get where they’re going, which is always more fun and healthier than having to drive everywhere. We’re fortunate that in Fort Worth biking has become a viable transportation option, and bike sharing is going to make that choice even easier.”

- Mike Brennan, Fort Worth Bike Sharing Board Chair

What Is Bike Sharing?

Bike sharing is a new way of getting around the city. It’s affordable, clean, and simple. It’s good for your health, your pocket, and our environment. Imagine a network of bike share docking stations located within a few blocks of one another throughout Central Fort Worth. As a bike-sharing member, you can unlock any of the specially designed bikes at any station and ride it to any other bike station. Fast, simple, inexpensive. It’s no wonder bike sharing has exploded in popularity the past few years.

What is B-cycle?

B-cycle is a next-next-generation bike-sharing program. It is a zero-hassle, zero-emissions way to get around town. It’s a bike-sharing program that meets the transportation, health, and environmental needs of our communities. One that adapts to any size city, corporation, or campus. It’s free and spontaneous, but also practical.

B-cycle is the only bike-sharing program that measures the actual distance traveled on each ride and keeps track of the calories you’ve burned and the carbon emissions you’ve prevented. All this information is available on your personal B-cycle web page.

B-cycle is in 25 U.S. cities and growing, including systems in Austin, San Antonio, Houston, and Denver. Annual membership in one city is valid in nearly all others!

How It Works

B-cycle relies on the integration of hardware and software to keep track of members and bikes, and all the interactions between users and bikes. Proprietary GPS (global positioning system) and RFID (radio frequency identification) technologies make it possible for bike sharing to be so smart that it is simple for users. All rides are tracked by the system and associated with members. Data such as distance, duration, calories burned, and carbon offset are captured and uploaded to personal web pages at

How to get started

Step 1: Purchase a membership online or at a B-station.

Once you have purchased your annual membership you will receive a B-card in the mail. The cards contain an RFID chip uniquely associated with each member’s account. When the B-card is presented at a B-cycle dock, the B-cycle system is queried to confirm that the member is in good standing and to associate the member with the bicycle they are checking out.

When a bicycle is returned, the B-cycle system updates the member’s account. B-cards also contain a magnetic strip so the cards can be read by the credit card reader found on the kiosk, thereby allowing the B-card holder to obtain time credits when a station is full.

Step 2: Select a bike to check-out from the B-Station.

If a station is empty, follow the prompts on the kiosk screen for real-time availability of bikes at nearby B-stations. Maps are also displayed at B-stations endcaps. The B-Cycle smartphone app (iPhone & Android) display real-time bike/dock availability as well.

What should I do if a bike gets damaged while I have it checked out? Return a damaged bike to a B-station, if possible, or if that is not possible, securely lock it and contact Customer Service. Do not ride a bike with damage that affects its safety features.

Members are financially liable for damages to bikes under their care. Refer to Terms and Conditions for your system.

Step 3: Ride the bike to your destination.

Adults age 18+ may legally ride a bike without a helmet, but Fort Worth Bike Sharing strongly encourages wearing a helmet whenever riding a bicycle. Fort Worth Bike Sharing does not provide helmets for riders.

Step 4: Return the bicycle at any available B-Station.

When a bike is returned and properly inserted into the dock, the dock will beep three times very quickly, and the green light will likewise blink three times very rapidly.

If the red “X” is lit on the dock, there is a problem with either the bike or the dock itself. Try a different dock!

If the orange “bad card” sign is lit, we need to talk to you about a problem with your membership. Just call the Customer Service number displayed on the bikes and kiosk.

What if a station is full and I need to return a bike?

If you have a bike you wish to return, but there are no available docks at a station, you must locate a station with available docks and return the bike there. The kiosk located at each station will provide real-time information about which nearby stations have available docks. The kiosks at full stations will also add 15 free minutes to your ride so that you can take the bike to an open station without financial penalty.

How do I use my B-card in other B-Cycle cities?

Annual membership to FW B-Cycle is valid in 19 other B-Cycle cities like Austin, San Antonio, Houston, Denver, Charlotte, Salt Lake City, Nashville, and Indianoplis. Click HERE for more info on the B-Connected program.

1. Bring your B-card and credit card that is linked to your annual membership to another city that is part of the B-connected group.

2. On your first visit to a station in that city, visit the kiosk and select “No” (or "Member" or "I have a pass") on the screen which asks if you would like to purchase 24-hour Access. Swipe your credit card associated with your account. Accept the user agreement for that city’s system.

3. Voila! – You are ready to ride a B-cycle in that city!

4. All subsequent checkouts in that city can be done using your B-card at the dock, just as you do in your home city.

5. This process will need to be done the first time you visit a new B-connected city.

Memberships & Account Management

*As of Sept. 1, 2013, annual members can ride up to 60 minutes without incurring usage fees.

Can I become a B-cycle member if I don’t have a credit card?

B-cycle requires that all accounts be associated with a credit card.

How do I get a B-card?

B-cards are issued to all annual members.

How often is my credit card charged for B-cycle fees?

For memberships of thirty days or less, a user’s credit card is charged once or twice. The membership fee will be charged at the time of registration. If any usage fees have accrued during the membership period, a second charge will be processed following the end of the membership period. For memberships of more than thirty days, there will be an initial charge for the membership fee at the time of registration, and thereafter there will be a monthly charge for usage fees, if any, accrued during each month of the membership.

Can I buy a membership for someone as a gift?

B-cycle operators can sell prepaid gift cards in varying amounts. The gift card contains a promotional code the gift receiver enters on a registration page to partially or fully offset the cost of a membership. The person receiving the gift card must also register a credit card to cover usage fees and other possible fees. Email to purchase a gift membership.

What should I do if I’ve lost my B-card?

Go to the Fort Worth B-cycle web page and suspend your card, or call Customer Service immediately so that we can suspend the card and prevent anyone else from using your card to gain access to a bicycle for which you are financially responsible. A replacement card will be provided for a $5 fee.

While waiting for your replacement B-card to arrive, you can check out bikes by using the kiosk at each station. You must present the credit card associated with your membership account.

Sponsors & Partners


Fort Worth Bike Sharing, 501(c)(3) would like to thank the businesses listed below for helping make Fort Worth the home of the first North Texas bike sharing program. These leaders demonstrated their commitment to the health and environment of this community and their faith in the promise of this program by supporting us, sight unseen, in our inaugural year.

Station Sponsors

Advertisers & Supporters


Fort Worth Bike Sharing will forever be indebted to all of our partners who shared freely their expertise and time because of their belief in bike sharing and its potential to clean and preserve our environment, manage our health, and enliven our community. It is no exaggeration to say that we would not exist without the unique contribution of each of the following individuals and organizations.

Funding Strategy

Fort Worth Bike Sharing is funded by a combination of grants, corporate sponsorships, advertising and membership and usage fees.

We have a wide array of sponsorship and advertising opportunities beginning at $500 for a branded bike. Each bike comes with four advertising panels - all of which are sold to one organization. Each bike share station has an endcap display with a map on one side and a poster-size advertisment on the other side.

We also offer station naming rights and a select number of station host sponsorships for organizations that would like a station on or adjacent to their property.

Businesses that purchase 10 or more memberships for employees receive the corporate discount.

Contact our Sales Manager Tim Halden at 817-880-9020 or